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Our Story

HowDidIDo enables people to effectively communicate their ideas and achieve their desired results and relationships. Thoughts to words. Ideas to impact. Intelligent inspiration.


Our mission is to create true value for individuals and organizations – enabling them to achieve goals by helping them craft and perfect the way they express themselves. The HowDidIDo system empowers all partners to reposition their ideas in order to achieve the desired results.This can be done through process-oriented training, interactive tutorials, one-on-one consultation or dialogue facilitation.


HowDidIDo is a global communications authority dedicated to empowering its partners along their path towards achieving the goals they have defined. Measurable, method-based and modular, HowDidIDo is an innovator and inspirer.

Our Team

Ariel Halevi

Co-Founder & CMO

Gur Braslavi

Co-Founder & CEO


Guy Shulberg


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