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Independent Trainer/Consultant: 


HowDidIDo is an online simulation platform allowing you to offer your clients remote and a-synchronic guidance, whereever they may be, from the comfort of your home and whenever most convenient for you.

Stay Local - Work Global
  • Live where you want

  • Develop a global customer base

  • Stay more closely connected to them

Because most corporations now rely on virtual teams, the ability to provide your professional guidance remotely is more valuable than ever.
Because your earning capacity relies on your overall availability, the ability to do so a-synchronically offers you a new degree of flexibility and increases your total billable time.

Bill More
  • Spend less time traveling to and from clients 

  • Increase your billable availability

  • Charge per value, not per hour

In-person consulting takes a toll on scheduling and limits the number of hours you can bill.

By adopting a remote-engagement model that you can use in real or delayed time, you increase your overall billable availability and turn "dead time” into billable time, even in 15 minute increments.

By using an online platform that captures your engagements with your clients, you can allow them to revisit previous sessions with you and track their progress over time. You increase your impact with a client with every additional engagement, dramatically improving the value and stickiness of your service.

Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Provide higher-quality guidance

  • Deliver measurable evidence of impact

  • Generate perpetual value for your clients

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