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Investor Update: June 2015

Survey results from pilot program with Dior Israel's Beauty Consultants:



  • "Increased my sense of belonging to DIOR" 

  • "Boosted my confidence"

  • "I prefer Howdidido to secret shoppers"




In the Pipeline

After Howdidido's initial success with Dior Israel, the platform was presented to Dior representatives from around the world. Following that presentation, pilot programs with Dior Canada and Asia Pacific. This will account for more than 700 new beauty consultants.

International Expansion

Here's a presentation about the vision of HowDidIDo delivered by our Co-founder and CEO Gur Braslavi at Kaltura Connect 2014.

Proving that the market is interested in receiving feedback to improve communication skills.

Proving that enterprises are willing to use and pay for an internal feedback system for their sales people, without any external experts advice.

Building an automated feed-backing system, that allows for measuring speakers impact in real time, without any human participation

Integrating the automated system into an enterprise infrastructure of telephones and videoconferences allowing large-scale implementation. 

Moving Ahead with the Plan...

Needs Investment

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