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The Challenge: Individualized Education

  • Conducting labs in effective time and evaluations of each student that are operating in multiple simulations.

  • Relying on instructor feedback.

  • Relying on costly and time consuming group trainings that are at specific times and locations.

  • Infrastructure related bottlenecks such as long waits for equipment or simulation rooms.


HDID enabled us to give each and every one of our students a higher level of personalized attention while also dramatically increasing the time and attention invested by our students in hands on patient care simulations

Dr. Miri Rom // Director and Associate Dean - Hadassah Medical Center, School of Nursing

With HowDidIDo, you can now see your lab simulations with your own eyes, as they practice with real equipment and each other in a medical setting. You can then easily add personalized comments and feedback to each of the students' HDID profile, which they in turn can access immediately.

The Solution: HowDidIDo

More Accurate Read of Performances in the "Field"

Faster Response Times

Preliminary Simulations of Real Life Situations

Ability to Share "Performances" and Insights

Measure Student Progress Over Time

Can Be Done When Students are Free

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