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Presenting to Senior Decision Makers

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Establish/Display Executive Presence

Senior executives have a mind set and language of their own. They seek out people who are solution oriented and who display confidence alongside a strong proactive approach.

Be strategically relevant

One of the key differences between senior executives and junior employees and managers comes through in their perspectives.  


Senior executives (even those who like to be micro-involved and have a strong grasp of the details) operate at a strategic level. They think in terms of overall costs and risks in context of potential ROI (Return On Investment). They look at the big picture.  


That's why it's so important to avoid sharing information with them in a way that is strictly limited to a single project and its operational/tactical context.

Deliver content in the right logical sequence

Senior executives are predominantly responsible for decision making. When presented with data, their brains automatically try to incorporate it into their ongoing decision making processes. That's why it is so important to share data with them in a logical sequence that is most compatible with the decision making process.

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