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Dior Takes the Next Step in Beauty Consulting

HowDidIDo was pleased to form a partnership with Christian Dior Israel several months back. Over that time; Sharon Zarfati, the Retail, Merchandising, and Training Manager for Dior Israel has utilized HowDidIDo’s online and mobile platforms to improve the performance of his sales staff. HowDidIDo allows Sharon to be in his office and receive the video of his beauty consultants and provide instant critique and feedback of their performance. The beauty consultants can then take that feedback and apply it to their very next sales pitch that same day. The lag time that comes from having to take staff off the floor and have meetings is removed. There is drastically less time taken away from the actual selling of Dior’s products, and therefore an increase in selling time and sales made.

“When you sit in your office, you see the beauty consultant in her zone, in the store, giving the service and you just add your feedback. This is why we really love and became a fan, or as we like to say, a Dior Addict to HowDidIDo.” - Sharon Zarfati

We look forward to a constantly growing partnership with Christian Dior not only in Israel, but around the world!

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