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Hadassah University Nursing Students Practice on Patients with HowDidIDo

On May 14th, Howdidido went to the Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem to run a pilot session for the nursing students. The students were putting the lessons they had learned on interacting with patients by practicing on each other. Over 70 students took part in this session. Each student took turns addressing the patient’s needs and providing a basic checkup for what their “ailments” were.

In each examining room was a teacher recording the student interactions. The teachers were then able to upload those interactions to Howdidido from their phones to the online platform for review. The ability to review their students in a practical setting is vital for the teachers in the Medical Center, because it is important to make sure the classroom lessons are appropriately translated to real interactions with patients.

This is a great partnership for Howdidido, because it is a great example of how versatile the platform can be. The teachers at Hadassah University can be comfortable with how their nurses of the future will perform when any situation in the hospital arises, because of the practical feedback they were able to provide in these interactive learning sessions.

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