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8200 EISP Entrepreneurs Elevate with HowDidIDo

We’re excited to see results in the coming weeks from Vayomar’s partnership with 8200 EISP to help entrepreneurs launch their unique ideas. Using HowDidIDo’s online platform, these entrepreneurs are able to practice and improve their pitch and presentation skills.

For anyone trying to launch a business, the opening pitch and potential investor meetings are of the utmost importance in moving their idea or business ahead. No matter how unique and groundbreaking an idea may be, without a successful pitch the idea will never be heard. By using HowDidIDo’s online platform, the participants of 8200 EISP will be able to provide and receive peer feedback from their fellow entrepreneurs as they progress through the program.

As the pitch competition approaches for the 8200 EISP entrepreneurs, they will also receive feedback from Vayomar’s communication experts on their pitch. Through HowDidIDo’s online platform, Vayomar’s communication experts are able to leave on-demand video and written feedback for the pitch as a whole, or at specific moments throughout the recorded video where they feel a greater impact can be made on the audience.

We cannot wait to launch the next group of bright entrepreneurs into the world!

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